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Oxford College Fine Prints are the only producer of unique and bespoke hand-printed Edmund New College Prints from metal plates using the same processes created by Emery Walker over one hundred years ago.

Based on the original drawings of David Loggan Circa 1675.


Oxford College Fine Print of Christ Church College

About Oxford College Fine Prints

Oxford’s best kept secret”

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The story of the prints

Charles II, David Logan, and the arts and crafts movement.

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The print [Queens College] has arrived. It is lovely and just what I wanted. Thank you very much for your help.

Katya Drummond

Thanks for your message. I received the lovely print [Christ Church] today and have already taken it to the framer - thank you very much.

Sarah Holt

After I get the Keble print framed I may try to persuade my wife that there is still room for one more Oxford themed piece in the house!

Geoff Sheard

I have spent a considerable amount of time looking for the correct prints [Edmund Hall] as they are a present for my Husband. Thankfully my search was not in vain.

Dawn Potter

Thanks very much for promptly processing the order, and for making these exceptional prints [St John’s] available at a reasonable price for students like myself.

Shivanand Sivamohan