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Exeter College

Exeter College

Engraved area: 38.5 x 33.5cmPaper size: 53.5 x 39cm
Exeter College crest

EXETER COLLEGE, OXFORD. Founded by Walter de Stapledon, Bishop of EXETER, Treasurer of ENGLAND AD 1314. Refounded by Sir William Petre, Commoner of the College, AD 1566

Originally published in 1915, this is a photo-engraving [i.e. printed from a metal plate], made from a 1915 original. It was printed by hand on an Albion hand-press, on acid-free laid paper

This is an excellent copy, never mounted or framed, of an Edmund Hort New view of  Exeter College.

New was born in Evesham in 1871, moved to Oxford in 1905, and died there in 1931.

He was heavily influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement, especially A.J.Gaskin and William Morris, and became a master of pen & ink drawing.